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Your employer has provided you with a private medical insurance. The plan provides for a comprehensive medical coverage. In order for Marine Benefits to evaluate coverage, support you in receiving the best potential assistance and to cover your medical expenses we need to obtain and store certain personal and sensitive data about you. We will only collect the personal and sensitive data that is required to support you under the insurance agreement and it will only be stored for as long as it is required to fulfill our obligations by law and under the insurance agreement. This will be for a maximum of ten years, and/or two years after you are no longer a member of the plan.

You are the owner of this data and may therefore at any time ask to view or correct the data we have stored about you. You are also entitled to be forgotten, meaning that you may ask us to delete all the data we have stored on you at any time.

The data that we will need to obtain to support you under the insurance agreement are:

  • Personal Data:
    1. Full name, Date of birth, home address, dependents (if any), MBAS ID, client ID, rank, employer, manning company, vessel and effective date enrolled under the plan.
    2. Mobile number, e-mail address.

The data mentioned under 1) is required to identify you as a member, validate coverage as a member, allocate insurance premium and for your employer to confirm coverage. The details under 1) above is also shared with your employer.

The data collected is required to communicate with you in the event of a personal data breach, changes in the Data Protection Declaration and to confirm whether you are still covered by your employer under the plan.

  • Sensitive Data:
    1. Medical data, treatments, ICD 10 diagnostics and financial data related to the medical treatments received.

This is required to evaluate whether treatment is covered, to pay for the treatment, perform statistical analysis on medical cost and to perform cost containment towards the treating medical facilities. We are also obliged to obtain this information for sanction, corruption and bribery control.

All personal and sensitive data will be stored and managed by Marine Benefits AS in a secure location in accordance with the Data Protection Declaration. The data will be shared and obtained from the treating doctor, hospitals and/or medical providers whom are handling your insurance claim. All third parties are obliged to follow the obligations under the GDPR.

Sensitive data will not be shared with your employer or any other entity unless specifically requested by law or ordered by a competent court.

In the event that your employer has implemented a deductible or co-payment scheme, we will share an overview of the deductibles to be collected by your employer. This information will not contain any Sensitive Data.

By accepting this consent you expressly and voluntarily accept that Marine Benefits AS can obtain the above mentioned personal and sensitive data in accordance with the Data Protection Declaration, and the General Data Protection Regulation (and the RA 10173 for the Philippines) as long as you are a member of the Marine Benefits AS medical Plan. The Data will be anonymized when you are no longer a member.